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Vantastec cool kit Refrigerated van conversations

Vantastec / V Group are a company that specialise in servicing the commercial food companies, catering and the restaurant trade.

Within our organization we offer services in all aspects of transport refrigeration and refrigerated van conversations from chillier to frozen, multi temperature and specialist catering vehicles.

Vantastec / V Group have found one of the most important points was to ensure to our clients that the quality of the conversations and the refrigeration equipment was installed and serviced to a high standard.

Vantastec / V Group carry out all our own in house conversions and installation of refrigeration equipment including the development or our own heating / oven systems.

 With the engineering expertise that we have acquired over a number of years we have become the only temperature van conversion company in the country to offer a full combined service.

You will see by viewing our sites we offer the true one stop shop for all your temperature control requirements. Our team of qualified engineers and sales force are able to offer you our client the services you are looking for.

We have built up a team of service support engineers that can now respond to all your needs.

With over 30 years experience in temperature control has given us the experience to access and advice our client with the technical support that backs up our sales division.

The V Group Services is available to all local authorities as well as the private sector.